All products manufactured by the company are certified.

Mazalat is a member of the Bulgarian Construction Chamber.

The highly qualified specialists, the responsible and qualitative work, allow us to resist to the biggest contemporary architectural and engineering challenges.



Mazalat Ltd is established in 1992 with main office in Sevlievo. The company is completely private property with a capital of 753 460 lv.
      The company's main activity is
production and trade with building materials, building assembly works, public utilities and communal activities, building and services with building mechanization.
For the realization of the purposes and the companys tasks the following directions are formed:

        production                - concrete solutions
                                    - lime solutions
 - cement solutions

        building mechanization

        armature production

       - concrete pump                            - 3 pcs.
       - concrete m
ixer                            - 12 pcs.
       - dumper                                       - 5 pcs.
       - gondola                                       -9 pcs.
- excavator                                    - 3 pcs.
       - wheel loader                   
              - 1 pcs.
       - motor truck                                 - 2
       - bulldozer                                     - 1 pcs.
       - washing maschine                       - 2 pcs.
       - rubbing collecting maschine for
         containers                                   - 2 pcs.
 - street sweeper maschine              - 1 pcs.

        snow cleaning

        building materials selling
- fixture and
- sand, fraction, mineral concrete
- cement and cement solutions
- bricks and
- and others

- offer section, negotiation and building reports
- accounting office and
- building directio
- technical direction

Mazalathas implemented:
        Management systems of quality, which is in accordance with ISO 9001:2008..


 With its own high qualified specialists, the company is able to solve even the most complicated problems in each building and building production areas.
5400 Sevlievo
38 Nikola Genev Str., floor 2

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