Construction company "Mazalat" is a leading company in Sevlievo and Gabrovo in production of concrete and lime solutions.
Highly skilled professionals responsible and quality work we allow to withstand the biggest contemporary, architectural and engineering challenges.



 Naftex Engineering JSC:

"Hamberger" - Bulgaria

Factory "Parallel"

Petrol Station "Lukoil"

Factory "Kalcedonia"

 Miks PS Ltd

plant Ideal Standart

plant Vidima

Chicken Slaughterhouse

Glavbolgarstroy JSC

Regional landfill site

 shop "Zora


Sofia Ltd

factory Milkyeks


 Style 2002 Ltd

petrol station Panacea

grain base Balea Group

Fruit Nursery

 Ekipstroy Ltd

factory Nikiplast ̔

factory Era elit

factory Euro home


clinic Medical Act


Dea Ltd

shop TehnoCity


Terrachim 97 Ltd

TerraMall - Gabrovo


Horizont Ivanov Ltd

Showroom Mira-N


Force Build Ltd

MALL center Gabrovo


Stroy consult Ltd





Technoengineering Group JSC

Discount +

 Logistics Center "Discount +







Mazalat is able to do building assembly activities and giving completely finished objects.
The highly qualified specialists, the responsible and qualitative work, allow us to resist to the biggest contemporary architectural and engineering challenges.
5400 Sevlievo
38 Nikola Genev Str., fl. 2

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