A building company “Mazalat” is leading firm in Sevlievo and Gabrovo region in the production of concrete and lime solutions.
The highly qualified specialists, the responsible and qualitative work, allow us to resist to the biggest contemporary architectural and engineering challenges.
"Mazalat" has the most modern fittings for armature in region

• Auto production Bigla, including specialized software for industrial computer - Twinmaster 12S
• Anti twisting device Anti-Twist (equipment for machine production for bigla)
• Universal lift (equipment for machine production for bigla)
• Cutting machines for reinforcing bars to o32mm.– Simplex 35E
• Outdoor bench for cutting material with just manual length (equipment for machine production for bigla )
• Strain machine for reinforcing bars with two strips – Special 32S
• 2 pcs - bidirectional Strain machine for reinforcing bars with two speeds – Icaro P55
• 2 pcs - Cutting flywheel system for processing steel. Continuous cutting – Icaro C42

The company owns three concrete centers , armature production , warehouse sales building materials and a full set of construction machinery.
“Mazalat” is able to do building – assembly activities and giving completely finished objects.
5400 Sevlievo
38 “N. Genev”, fl. 2
ĺ-mail: mazalatsev@abv.bg

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